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Dr Madhu Harihar

Dr Madhu Harihar

Nadi Pareeksha & Pancha karma specialist

Dr Madhu Harihar developed interested in YOGA in very early age of his life, the quest ultimately made him pursue graduation in AYURVEDA- BAMS from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science- Bengaluru. During graduation, he underwent extensive training in Panchkarma at Arya Vaidya shala – Coimbatore. Right after graduation joined SRI SRI AYURVEDA –Bengaluru in 2005. Hailing from southern part of INDIA, Dr. Madhu Harihar have one passion to serve the mankind with the holistic health.
He received a training in the art of ‘Nadi Pariksha’, then travelled across INDIA consulting in Nadi Pariksha camps and Ayurveda- Panchakarma awareness camps. His passion to create awareness and honest dedication gave him an opportunity to work with HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- THERAPY AYURVEDA HYDERABAD. There he worked as a Panchkarma consultant, treated many patients meticulously.

Being in a core team of Doctors, trained new doctors of new clinics across the country the effective application of Panchkarma therapies to patients’ speedy recovery. During his tenure the company grew to be a leading chain of Panchkarma centers in India at that point of time.

The quest didn’t end there, time for overseas exploration. In 2011 moved to POLAND.  KINGA KAIRALI AYURVEDA CENTER 

Here, treated patients with various ailments using Panchkarma and other therapeutic procedures. He played a vital role in bringing the organization in top 10 Ayurveda destinations in Europe.

Expertise: Panchakarma therapies – For chronic ailments as well as for general wellbeing. Treats all major lifestyle disorders like cholesterol, diabetes, various skin disorders, degenerative disorders like osteo-arthritis, cervical/lumbar spondylitis, Digestive disorders, Migraines, Sinusitis, His expertise lies in lifestyle coaching, Counselling patients about general wellness, posture, sleeping habits and stress management, analyzing patients work and living environment to determine changes to improve their capabilities and quality of life. 

Dr Ratna Hiremath

Dr Ratna Hiremath

Nadi pareeksha & Pancha karma specialist

Dr.Ratna graduated in AYURVEDA- BAMS. From the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science- Bengaluru. During graduation, she underwent extensive training in Panchkarma. Dr. Ratna Hiremath is Passionate About Medicine: Compassionate About People. She has A True Devotion for Healing. She began her journey of healing with SRI SRI AYURVEDA –Bengaluru in 2006. Learned ‘Nadi Pariksha’ from experts, travelled across INDIA consulting in Nadi Pariksha camps creating awareness about Ayurveda & Panchakarma.
She was treating patients successfully in Sri Sri Ayurveda - Bengaluru and Delhi. Later in 2007 moved to HYDERABAD to work with HOLISTIC HEALTH CARE- THERAPY AYURVEDA. There she managed a successful Panchakarma clinic, treated thousands of patients with various ailments. 

Here, she treated patients with various ailments like obesity, hormonal disorders, infertility, geriatrics- old age related complaints Using Panchakarma and other therapeutic procedures. Her expertise in lifestyle coaching, Counselling patients about mental health, nutrition, sleeping habits and stress management made her reliable and most sought doctor in this part of the world.

Expertise: Treats patients with Panchakarma and other therapeutic procedures.  For ailments like arthritis, cervical/lumbar spondylitis, obesity, gynecological problems, hormonal disorders, also address Pre-natal, Postnatal care and child health. Well versed in Ayurveda food and nutrition, helps to assess the regionally available food sources and their best use in the diet. Also known for Ayurveda beauty and wellness therapies.

Sri Sri Ayurveda

Therapist/ Healers

At Sri Sri Ayurveda Clinic, Muscat it is always ensured that the therapists appointed are amongst the best ones from India, holding an experience of minimum 5 years from our Sri Sri Ayurveda Pancha karma centre, Bangalore India one of the best Ayurveda Centers in India and world. During their work in these centers they undergo extensive training in all the Relaxation & Pancha karma therapies. They get best of the exposures available while treating VVIP’s and VIP’s visiting the centre there.
Along with the Theoretical and practical trainings it is also made sure that they follow all the practices of Art of Living which includes doing Yoga, Meditations and Sudarshan Kriya on a daily basis. All of this enhances their healing touch.
Once in Muscat, all therapists have to qualify necessary examinations conducted by Ministry of Health, Oman.

We have 6 Therapist in total, 3 Male & 3 Female, and all of them have healed enormous number of patients under the guidance of our Doctors. They have their individual clientele also which keep coming to them for relaxation massages.

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