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Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti

Greeva Basti

The phrase Greeva Basti  is  from Sanskrit. The word Greeva refers to neck and Basti stands for container or  retaining something inside. It is an Ayurvedic neck care and basically a hot oil therapy. Greeva Basti  is bathing the neck region with medicated oil or freshly prepared herbal decoction. The procedure does  oleation and sudation around the neck region  simultaneously. Due to present day lifestyle which involves continued and glued sitting position and lack of body movements the problems of the spine, muscles and skeletal tissues of neck and shoulder arise. Greeva Basti addresses these issues effectively.


  • The person undergoing  Greeva Basti is made to lie face down on the massage table (Droni)
  • The dough is prepared out of black gram flour or whole wheat flour. It is then made into a small ring of four to five inches in diameter which is placed over the neck to cover all the vertebrae of the neck and 2-3 vertebrae of the thoracic region.
  • After it is glued with some water to make it leakproof, lukewarm medicated oil or the decoction of herbs is slowly poured into it. When this cools down it is squeezed out and replaced with more warm one.
  • At the end of the procedure the dough is removed; a gentle massage is given over the area. The person is made to take rest for a while.
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A damn is built on the neck using wheat flour or Black Gram flour, it is then filled with warm medicated oil. This is excellent for people with neck pain due to stress.

The herb infused oil is excellent to physically and energetically move the stagnant stress energy that has become lodged in the neck.

Duration of treatment: 45 minutes


  • Relieves the burden of stress and congestion in nerves , bones and muscles of neck and shoulders  and thus relaxing and rejuvenating them
  • Improves the flexibility and brings smooth movement
  • Improves circulation around the neck and shoulder region.



  • Cervical spondylosis, cervical spondylitis, cervical disc lesion
  • Vertigo
  • Tingling, numbness of the hands
  • Compression fractures
  • Chronic pain in neck region
  • Frozen shoulder

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